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Work In Progress

Work In Progress / Experimental

Matching Game Prototype:

– Hint system
– Reshuffle when no possible matches remain
– Match size multipliers
– Remove links by moving to a previous selection

Pixel Water Shader:

– Four versions (unlit, lit, desktop and mobile optimized)
– Extensive customization options
– Handles both rivers and bodies of water
– Adjustable to support any size mesh
– Pixelate function

Custom skin shader:

– Skin color highlight, midtone and shadow customization using individual RGB channels
– Makeup, tattoo and special skin patterns also offer color customization
– Uses ambient occlusion in alpha channel to dictate highlight, midtone and shadow placement
– Lightweight faked subsurface scattering

3D Interactive Comic Book:

– Interactive panels
– Touch / mouse controls (Pan and zoom within boundaries)
– Full animation, custom lighting and pretty much anything else you can do in Unity can be shown in each individual panel
– Supports branching stories which change the contents of the next panel based on user’s choices in the current panel (WIP)

CCG Prototype:

– Fully 3D with custom shaders for portraits and card art
– Custom event queuing system
– Anti-cheat implementations
– Online user accounts database
– Photon multiplayer (WIP)
– Simple AI (WIP)

Pixel Fire VFX:

– From a series of visual effects created to accompany a pixel styled art pack
– Billboard, vertex color and faceted mesh variations